Riding stable rules

Together with our retirees and employers, we have formulated rules to enable smooth and stress-free equestrian sport at Hofgut Albführung.


  • Please clean hooves in the box. Riders may use the stable aisle only on the condition that they clean it afterwards.
  • Cleaning areas, solariums and other tethering devices must be left clean for the next user.
  • Hair and droppings must be removed from the hosing down areas after use to prevent drains from blocking.
  • Quiet time in the stables is between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. The lights in the indoor riding arenas and the horse walker will be switched off automatically at 10 p.m.
  • Boarders arriving after 10 p.m. or loading before 7 a.m. due to exceptional circumstances must first contact the night porter.
  • The last rider must switch off the lights in the stables, the indoor riding arena and the horse walker.
  • Doors to heated rooms must be closed at all times in winter.
  • If you require additional food for your horse, please speak to a member of stable staff.
  • All windows and doors must be kept shut if outdoor temperatures drop below ‑10°C. During this time stable staff will regularly air the stables.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in our stables, riding arenas and barns. Cigarette stubs must be disposed of properly.
  • The use of paddocks is limited to two hours per horse per day.
  • Please take extra care when dealing with stallions in the stables.
  • Please be considerate to others in the stables and the grounds of Hofgut Albführen.

Indoor and outdoor riding arenas

  • Riding, lungeing and letting horses run free in the indoor and outdoor riding arenas is done at the rider’s own risk.
  • Generally, the left hand has right of way.
  • Please show consideration to the weakest rider on the course.
  • A riding helmet must be worn for jumping. Riders jump at their own risk.
  • Outside of jumping lessons the obstacles in the small and the upper indoor riding arenas must be cleared away and put in the storage areas provided. The following exception applies: a permanent course has been set up in the large indoor riding arena and must remain in place. Show jumpers have priority here.
  • When using the jumps in the outside arena the obstacles have to be rebuilt to their previous dimensions and original size.
  • Please do not leave bars and bases lying on the ground but put them back on the jumps.
  • Visiting riding instructors must make sure that their lessons do not unduly inconvenience other riders. We recommend the use of headsets. There is no exclusive right of use of the indoor and outdoor riding arenas. Hofgut Albführen is exempt from this rule.
  • In the small riding arena young horses have priority in the morning during the winter months.



  • Horses may not be lunged or let run free on the outdoor show jumping course and in the large indoor show jumping arena.
  • Horses should be lunged on the lungeing ring in the horse walker. If the walker is occupied, horses may be lunged in the small or the upper riding arenas.
  • Horses may be lunged only if
    there is no more than one rider in the small riding arena or
    there are no more than two riders in the upper riding arena.
    Young horses may be lunged for up to 5 minutes before the rider mounts the horse.
  • Horses may be lunged simultaneously on two rings only if no other rider is using, or wishes to use, the arena.


Free running

  • Horses may be let run free only in the small indoor riding arena.
  • Any holes appearing after free running must be levelled with the rake.
  • Horses must be supervised during free running.
  • Priority should generally be given in the following order: riding – lungeing – free running


Horse walker

  • Riders use the horse walker at their own risk.
  • HOFGUT ALBFÜHREN GmbH will accept no liability for any injuries or damage incurred.
  • The connecting door to the lungeing ring must be closed properly after lungeing.
  • The lungeing ring may be used only when the horse walker is not in use.


Horse droppings

  • Horse droppings must be collected and put in the wheelbarrow after riding, lungeing or free running.



  • Dogs must be kept on a lead anywhere on the grounds of Hofgut Albführen.
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs immediately.


Please respect our natural environment and treat our resources with care.

Hofgut Albführen rejects improper training methods. The code of conduct of the International Equestrian Federation also applies to Hofgut Albführen.

We would like to ask all our boarders to observe the signs in the stables and riding arenas, especially the no-smoking signs.

Signed Kai Huttrop-Hage, General Manager