Hunting Ground of Albführen

Close to the forestry of Albführen stands the hunting in the own forest.

The hunting ground of Albführen covers an area of 200 hectares, made up of 90 hectares of forest and 110 hectares of pasture. The most represented animals there are Sikas, deers, wild boars, rabbits as well as birds of prey.

Sikas (cervus nippon) are found especially in the commune Klettgau in the region of Waldshut. In contrast to the other wild animals this deer species is originally from Asia and was imported by the humans. At the end of world war two the Sikas were able to break out of their compound at the neighbouring farm named Rohrhof. Since that time they live in freedom in our forests.


The employees and also the gamekeepers and hunters of Albführen are concerned about the welfare of these animals. Because of that, they established protection and quiet zones.

Another very important exercise of us is to put mineral salt licks to different feeders in the forest in springtime. Without this additional salt the animals could die because the natural salt deposit became very rarely in our region.

However we do not only care about the big animals, but also about the smaller animals like urchins, martens and several ground-breeding birds. For their protection we create every autumn heaps of limps and leaves.

Every autumn we organise two exclusive hunting days. In these days they shoot Sikas and wild boars. Apart from that, our hunters are allowed to shoot the animals in order to a strict plan, only. The most important things during every hunting session are to act sustainable and avoid unnecessary stress for the animals. 

For our club members we organise once a year a guided tour of the hunting grounds around Albführen in combination with a delicious picnic. Besides this we and the local forester like to build a self-guided trail through our forest for hikers, schools and nature lovers.