Our farm covers an area of 200 hectares, made up of 90 hectares of forest and 110 hectares of pasture. Our aim is to grow as much produce ourselves so that we have to buy in as little as possible. We use modern equipment in harmony with our natural resources and this approach has proven to be economically viable in many areas.

We can feed our entire livestock of 150 horses, with the produce grown on our estate. Good forest management means that we have an adequate supply of wood for many years to come to power our central woodchip plant that heats all of our buildings. A modern composting system not only deals with the problem of large amounts of manure but also produces excellent fertiliser.

We still use the old protected springs to provide water for our troughs, irrigation systems and fountains. Our waste water is thoroughly cleaned by a biological treatment plant. The large pond is also a fire-fighting water reserve and a diverse biotope.


 Our dedicated team uses modern machinery and equipment to allow us to:

live off our own land and solve problems on our own land