The settlement of Albführen dates back to Celtic and Roman times as evidenced by the many different field names. Albführen emerged from the shadows of the anonymity of a farming hamlet in the 16th and 17th centuries when large deposits of bean ore were quarried in open cast mines.

The Gyger map from 1667 depicts the “Alpfieren” iron ore mines and four farms. When mining was no longer profitable, Albführen returned to what it was before and what it was to remain for a long time, a small farming hamlet whose economic fortunes rose and fell with the times. At the beginning of the last century, Julius Maggi acquired six small neighbouring farms to grow vegetables and raise livestock.

A takeover by the Nestlé Group saw great investments being made to establish a model farm for field trials, which, however, did not meet with long-term success. The project was dropped for a variety of reasons and within a few years the farm became derelict.

Today Albführen is once again a thriving farming hamlet with the infrastructure of a modern equestrian centre and quality accommodation for holidaymakers.

 The  farm’s eventful history has been published in book form. The 130-page, richly illustrated history is available in German from reception at Hofgut Albführen. For more informations please ask at our reception.