A world apart – a world of natural beauty

The estate covers an area of ​​over 200 ha of land, which consists of 90 ha of forest and 110 ha of green and arable land.

The management is designed to utilize as many self-produced products as possible on the farm. State-of-the-art technology is available to our farmers for this purpose. But not only the in-house production, but also the sustainable and careful handling of our land is part of our philosophy.

The targeted reforestation of the forest ensures the supply of the central wood chip plant for all buildings and our composting plant converts the nutrient-rich horse manure into the best fertilizer. This is partly used to fill the nearby biogas plant.

Hunting in our forests is closely related to agriculture and forestry. The most common game species are sika, roe deer, wild boar and birds of prey such as the red kite, which is under protection. Since the preservation of local game and the care of the Albführer Revier are very important to us, we have set up game rest areas. To ensure that the wild animals are supplied with salt, our hunters also regularly distribute salt licks in these quiet zones.

This guarantees the undisturbed growth of the young animals and the sustainable development of flora and fauna.

The highest points of Hofgut Albfuerhen are 650 m above sea level and make the warm west wind, which blows from one of the warmest corners of Central Europe, the Upper Rhine, towards the southwest, noticeable in the most pleasant way. Visitors enjoy this positive climate just as much as the animals on Albfuehren.