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Coupe de Alb was one of the top jumpers at the Mecklenburg licensing in Redefin in 2010. He combines many talents: outstanding type values, three precise, supple and elastic paces and excellent jumping qualities in terms of ability, technique and bascule.

His sire Coupe de Coeur met the performance requirements for licensed stallions through his show jumping successes. Under Rene Tebbel, he became German Show Jumping Champion in 2006 and 2007, won the World Cup show jumping events in Oslo and led the German team to victory in the Nations Cup Super League in Barcelona by confidently finishing two clear rounds. Since 2008, he has been successfully competing under Ludger Beerbaum and sired his first licensed sons Cheval de Coeur and Cöster in Redefin in 2008. He also produced the outstanding licensing champion stallions in Redefin and Vechta in 2010.

His dam Centrale is owned by Hofgut Albführen and is a daughter of the OS licensing winner Café au Lait, who has been successful at advanced level and is a full brother of the former Warendorf Show Jumping Champion Cody (Marco Kutscher).

The third generation includes the grey Holstein stallion Cento, who for many years counted among the best show jumpers in the world under his rider Otto Becker. He first attracted attention as a young horse after winning the World Championships for Stallions in France. Over his career, Cento has won the most important show jumping competitions in the world. Besides his win at the 2002 World Cup Final in Leipzig and the Grand Prix in Aachen and Calgary, it is above all his success in European and World championships, his Olympic gold medal at the games in Sydney and his bronze medal at the games in Athens that have made Cento one of the most successful and most prizewinning stallions in the world.

Via Sandro’s son Simply and the famous Graf Gotthard Z the dam’s line leads to the important centre for Hanoverian show jumpers in the Wendland region.

Coupe de Alb is the first licensed representative of the Hanoverian mare line 1370, based on a mare by Lavendel-Wirker-Agram, which shows that the line includes a number of top international show jumper sires.

Coupe de Alb received excellent marks in the 30-day test in Munich Riem in 2011: a weighted final mark of 8.43, a final mark of 7.79 for dressage and a final mark of 8.83 for show jumping.

He completed his 70-day test in Schlieckau in 2012 as the best show jumper with absolutely top marks: 9.75 for jumping ability with test rider; 9.5 for free jumping and a final mark of 8.89 for show jumping.

His dressage breeding value according to the stallion performance test was 97 points; his show jumping breeding value was 134 points.

He made an early impression by producing a gold medal-winning foal with his very first crop.

Approved for: Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, Southern German Stud Books.

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