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Why sponsorship?

Sponsoring is communication - two partners pursue a common goal: success. Sports sponsorship has achieved great importance in brand communication and is one of the value creation tools for targeted image creation.


Sponsoring in equestrian sport

Equestrian sport fascinates millions of people! The relationship between the rider and the partner horse is based on mutual respect, from which trust grows and is reflected in elegance, harmony and dynamism. This is not the only reason why equestrian sports are among the top 5 outdoor sports.


Target group

Equestrian sport reaches many target groups, from children and adolescents to people of middle and old age. There are many reasons for this: The fascination with horses plays just as important a role as the fact that you can ride or drive at any age. Horse owners are mostly employed full-time and on average have a higher income and a higher educational qualification. "There are over 3.4 million adult riders in this country. If you include young people and children, there are even more than 4 million people who deal with horses. The total turnover is around 6.7 billion euros, of which 4 .1 billion euros in retail / services sales. The equestrian market is a growth market. 71 percent of the riders surveyed are willing to spend more money, especially for equipment but also for their own training. Two thirds of the horse riding companies surveyed expect growth rates of more than 3 percent per year for the next five years, 28 percent even more than 5 percent. The areas of equestrian accessories (85 percent expect stronger growth), clothing (73 percent), recreational riding (68 percent) and tourism (67 percent) will benefit from the growth in sales. "(Source: FN - Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung)


Sponsorship opportunities

The possibilities of our event sponsorship are diverse. Depending on the company's objective, we offer you different tools:

  • Examination Patronage
  • Prizes of honor
  • Advertising texts over public address system
  • Advertising jump
  • Perimeter advertising
  • Advertisement in the tournament magazine
  • Logo placement
  • Promotional videos
  • Exhibition space
  • Business lounge
  • and much more


Tournaments 2023 where sponsorship is possible:

Albfuehren Regio Classics Dressage May 12 - 14, 2023

Albfuehren Regio Classics Show Jumping September 15th - 17th, 2023


If you are interested, please contact our Marketing & Events department:

Ms. Lara Straatman Email: