Horses for sale

Rearing and training horses for sale

At Hofgut Albführen our first and foremost concern when it comes to selling horses is that youngsters are reared under natural conditions and trained in accordance with classical riding principles. Divided into harmonious groups, horses learn their natural social behaviour on our pastures. A variety of grasses and tasty herbs with the addition of roughage, concentrate and mineral feed guarantee a balanced diet.

In a richly structured, near-natural environment our young horses find ideal conditions to establish the hierarchies typical for gregarious animals and are able to train their musculoskeletal system and develop a robust cardiovascular system in a natural way. Professional rearing lays the foundations for their future life as riding horses.

Based on their physical constitution, careful training under the saddle begins when the horse is 3 to 4 years old. We allow plenty of time for the basic training of our young horses and always strive for tranquillity and inner calm.

Our trainers and riders take a systematic approach to training based on well-planned and well-prepared training units that take account of the age and the development of the horse.

As soon as the level of training allows, horses will compete in their first selected tournaments after careful preparation to ensure that both horse and rider remember them as a positive experience.

Our dressage and show jumping horses for sale to professional and amateur riders include youngsters with a top pedigree, young and highly talented horses and successful show horses.

In addition to the horses shown on our website, we currently have other four and five-year-old show jumping and eventing horses for sale. For more information please contact us by phone or email at any time.

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