Croquet – a game with style

Our guests have free use of our well-maintained croquet lawn and our croquet equipment for a game of croquet from spring till autumn (reservation required).

We offer beginner and advanced courses for this exciting and enjoyable game up to four times a year. The Albführen Golf Croquet Open is the highlight of the Albführen croquet season.

About croquet:

In Germany and Switzerland, croquet is known mainly as an enjoyable leisure activity. The game is played with a mallet, balls and hoops on a lawn that is as level as possible.

Two different forms of croquet are played at international tournaments: Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. The latter has slightly simplified rules that do not, however, detract from its appeal. The form most commonly played at Hofgut Albführen is Golf Croquet.

The game requires technique, tactics and sometimes a measure of luck for you to run your ball through the narrow hoops before your opponent.