All around Albfuehren - boundary stone hike

Sunday, June 27, 2021 3 p.m.

"If you truly love nature, you will find it beautiful everywhere." Vincent van Gogh


This afternoon, on our hike, we not only explore the nature of our beautiful farm estate, but also follow the partially hidden border stones of the Albführens, expertly guided by the game warden Urs Schwaninger. Afterwards, a delicious BBQ awaits us at the most idyllic spot in Albfuehren.


Albfuehrer's gourmet BBQ

Starter & salad buffet

Arugula | Baby tomatoes | Grana Padano avocado Tomato Mozzarella | grilled vegetables Couscous with passion fruit Braised eggplant | Tarragon | Olive oil | garlic Colorful lettuce with sprouts | Cole slaw Cucumber sticks | yogurt Farmer's bread with sea salt butter

Straight from the grill & smoker

Giant sirloin steak Leg of lamb with Albfuehrer herb marinade Chicken pieces BBQ style Venison sausage | Salmon in the sea salt crust Different dip's Salsa Verde | Tomato basil | Chilli | Red pepper curry Bacon jam | Plums | rum Dijon mustard To Rosemary potatoes | Sweet potatoes black pepper Spaghetti Pesto Salad | Mushrooms - ratatouille


Sweet conclusion Fruit tasting platter Sabayone | Ice cream Grilled banana | chocolate

Per person € 69, -


This is an occasion of the Country Club Albfuehren. Become a member!

The hike is carried out in all weather conditions. In bad weather, barbecuing takes place “under the roof”.

We are happy to take your reservation - on tel. 0049 (0) 7742/92 96 0 or by email: